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The Automotive Video

In this blog, we will discuss one of the most underutilized communication methods in the automotive market – the automotive video! Sending videos is a highly-engaging way to breakthrough with buyers and stand out in the market. Not only is it easy to do, but it’s highly effective at grabbing buyer’s attention. When you have your goal in mind and custom-shoot each video, buyers will engage! Utilizing automotive video is a great way to set more appointments, increase engagement, and establish a connection with buyers!

In today’s world, shooting videos is easier and quicker than ever. By simply taking out your cell phone and shooting tailor-made videos, you will get more responses from buyers – and the more videos you make, the more buyers will engage! Let them experience the vehicle they are interested in, others like it, or other information visually with an exciting video. This blog will go over everything you need to know to start sending videos that engage buyers and help you accomplish your goal of selling more cars!

Send Videos to Every Car Buyer!

Simply leaving a voicemail, SMS, or email can still be a great way to reach buyers. However, a customer is much more likely to buy from a salesperson who includes a video in their follow-up! This is because buyers who are in the market for a car like to receive videos! A video lets them see all of the great points about a vehicle they’re interested in, get quality information, and have a better idea of the buying experience with you and your dealership.

In truth, sometimes making a video is even easier than simply making calls or writing emails. And, it is more fun too! So, if you’re getting tired of sending multiple voicemails to the same buyer, mix it up! Without question, sending a video is far more likely to help you break through to the buyer than leaving a third, fourth, or fifth voicemail. So, send videos to every single buyer, regardless of the lead source. Sending automotive videos grabs the car buyer’s attention, increases your chances of breaking through, and sets you apart from other dealerships that likely do not use this method. Remember, the more videos you send to customers, the more cars you will sell!

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Keep Your Automotive Video Short


If a buyer clicks on your video and sees that it is longer than 60 seconds, it is probably going to turn the buyer off. So, you should know exactly what you want to say before you even start to record the video in order to keep it under one minute long. You should also make sure that what you are saying is going to help the deal progress further. Remember! No one wants to see or hear a never-ending story! Keep your videos short and to the point – progress your deal forward!

Disclosing Vehicle Issues on Video is No Big Deal

If there is a scratch, a dent, or a ding on the vehicle you are filming, it’s not the end of the world. So, do not make a big deal out of things that may not be important to the buyer. If there is minor damage, it is important that it’s fully disclosed. However, you don’t want that to be the focal point of your video. The focus of your video should be point out all of the amazing features, equipment, and other great aspects of the vehicle!

A lot of times, amateur salespeople will dedicate 75% of a video explaining away a potential defect. In actuality, during the course of a 60-second video, you should simply spend 5 seconds on that issue and move right along to something positive. Focusing too much on something negative can turn the deal sour, but buyers will appreciate the honesty and feel that you’re a trustable salesperson. So, keep the problem small, make the video enticing to the buyer, and you will sell a lot more cars!

Automotive Videos Sell Engagement

Automotive videos are great at selling engagement and getting buyers to respond to your communication. So, in order to achieve maximum engagement with each video, make sure that you know the information of the deal. Know the lead source, what the buyers has seen, and any motivations they have for being interested in a specific vehicle. Every video you send a car buyer should aim to engage the buyer and push the deal further along. You want to sell why the buyer should set an appointment and come to the dealership to check out a car.

For example, when you send over a video to an internet buyer that submitted in the form of an online lead, you should remember all of the research that the buyer has done. More than likely, the internet buyer is already sold on the vehicle or they would not have submitted the lead in the first place. Remember, these buyers looked at a specific vehicle and like it so much that they gave you their phone number, email, and other personal information. So, the video probably does not need to cover every little detail concerning the car. Rather, you should hit the hottest reasons why they should take a look at the car in person and do business with your dealership. These types of buyers want you to contact them, and in a time where customers are most likely in contact with multiple dealerships, videos help you stand out!

Attitude Equals Altitude – Video Tone


Just like smiling while talking on the phone projects a better tone, the same can be said for starring in your own video. You want to sound upbeat and happy while sporting a big smile! Make the buyer feel like they are talking to somebody who is worthy of their time and will provide a warm atmosphere at the dealership. Remember, you’re not only selling engagement to come look at a vehicle – you’re also selling whether or not the buyer should want to work with you! So, smile big, be upbeat, and have a great attitude while filming automotive videos because nobody wants to buy from unenthusiastic salespeople.

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