BlitzDial – The #1 Dealership Auto Dialer

The most powerful Dealership Auto Dialer in the automotive industry

Get more buyers on the phone today!

Webinarinc’s proprietary call software – BlitzDial – is engineered exclusively for the automotive space. Our Dealership Auto Dialer provides the tools necessary to supercharge areas of potential within your dealership. This includes Lead Response Technology, which connects the buyer by phone with the dealership immediately following lead submission.

With BlitzDial, you always get to buyers fast and first! For the fastest Dealership Auto Dialer in the automotive industry, we’ve also integrated QuickCall technology. As a result, you can connect to ready to buy consumers as fast as 30 seconds after lead submission. So, turn one BDC or salesperson into five with the only auto dialer like it in the automotive market. BlitzDial is designed to increase activity and considerably improve lead response time at your dealership. Consequently, get more buyers through your doors and push sales through the roof!


What do I get from the BlitzDial Auto Dialer?

Our Dealership Auto Dialer offers:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • The ability to call & text 100+ contacts per hour
  • The utility of local phone numbers
  • Mobile phone, landline, and web browser capabilities
  • Live Chat support
  • A reporting dashboard with full analytics and call recording
  • CRM integration                                                                                                                         

Can BlitzDial integrate with a dealership’s CRM?

Absolutely! BlitzDial can connect to VinSolutions or eLeads CRMs, with more on the way!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

How fast does BlitzDial allow my BDC team/salespeople connect with buyers?

We’re proud to say that BlitzDial is the fastest Dealership Auto Dialer available today! Thanks to QuickCall integration, you can get in touch with hot leads 5X faster than any other auto dialer. Additionally, with mobile, landline, and web browser capabilities, your team can contact new leads as soon as 30 seconds after submission, no matter where they are!