Hold Gross in Auto Sales with This 1 Simple Tip! | Inventory Closes

inventory closes
Utilizing Inventory Closes In car sales, you need to be skilled in holding gross through the negotiations and close. Skills like inventory closes will make a huge difference in the profitability of your car deals. Nowadays, many customers will toss out objections like “I’m not buying unless you knock $1,000…
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3 Simple Steps to Overcome Car Sales Objections | Auto Sales Training

overcome car sales objections
Handling Car Sales Objections In automotive sales, knowing how to overcome car sales objections is just a part of the job. As a automotive sales professional, you will face objections with a majority of the customers that you come in contact with. This is because buyers have been taught to…
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Increase Your Appointment Show Ratio | Automotive Sales Training

increase appointment show ratio in car sales
Get Buyers Through Your Doors You’ve just set an appointment, and are one step further to selling a car! However, if your buyer doesn’t show up to the dealership, then it’s all for nothing. In automotive sales, having a strong show ratio is incredibly important. Customers miss appointments all the…
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Car Sales Phone Skills: What You Need to Know!

car sales phone skills
Sell More Cars with Auto Sales Phone Skills In car sales, the ability to set the appointment on any call you make or take directly relates to how many cars you sell every month. If you want to sell more cars, then polishing your car sales phone skills is key.…
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How the Best Dealerships in the U.S. Sell Cars | Automotive Sales Training

How the Best Dealerships Sell Cars
Selling Cars Like the Best At Webinarinc, we mystery shop over 25,000 dealerships every year in the United States. As a result, we’ve been able to gather information on what the best dealerships in America are doing to sell more cars and increase profitability. To no surprise, the success of…
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