Handle Car Sales Objections | Automotive Sales Training for Beginners

handle car sales objections
Transition Past Objections Beginner car sales professionals often struggle to get customers all the way to the end of the sales process. Each step of the sales process is important, but if you cannot transition to the demo, the write up, or the close, you will have an extremely hard…
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Car Sales Training for Beginners: Green Pea Guide to Showroom Sales Processes

car sales training for beginners
Car Sales Process As a beginner car sales professional, one of the first things to do is to memorize your dealership’s showroom sales process. In automotive sales, it is your job is to help the buyer find a vehicle they love, demonstrate that vehicle, and ensure that they have a…
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Automotive BDC Manager Tips | Car Sales Training

automotive BDC
Automotive BDC Management Automotive BDC departments provide an extremely vital role in the success of their dealership. As such, effective management of this departments greatly affects the profitability of the dealer. Automotive BDC managers need to have a thorough understanding of the inner-workings of their dealership and the marketplace. They…
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Work Third Party Leads Like a Car Sales Pro

third party leads
Third Party Leads in Automotive Sales Nowadays, consumers spend roughly 15 hours researching cars online before ever submitting in the form of a lead. On average, 70% of these customers will visit a third party website before visiting a dealership. In turn, large amounts of internet leads come from third…
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Lead Generation in Car Sales: Prospecting Prowess That Helps You Sell Cars

lead generation in car sales
Automotive Lead Generation in Today’s Digital Age The modern age of lead generation in car sales has arrived, and old-school tactics alone are no longer enough to ensure buyers keep walking through your dealership’s doors. In order to thrive on the showroom floor, being able to get your own customers…
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Automotive Phone Sales Tips You Need to Know | BDC & Car Sales Training

phone sales
The Value of Phone Sales Skill The skill to handle any type of call is vital to the effectiveness of any automotive sales professional. The number of vehicles anyone is able to sell each month will be greatly affected by the ability needed to make or take a perfect call.…
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Automotive Sales Emails That Make Car Deals Happen

The Power of an Email Even in today’s smartphone-centered world, emails have remained a powerful tool to follow up and create opportunity for car deals. Nowadays, only 19% of Americans pick up the phone for unknown numbers (Pew Research). That said, sales calls are still incredibly important for breaking through…
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How to Sell More Cars on the Showroom Floor – Automotive Sales Best Practices

showroom floor
Showroom Floor Best Practices Working a deal on the showroom floor is the final stage before finalizing any car deal. Yet, the mindset of buyers have changed. With recent technology, customers have access to information like never before and oftentimes come to dealerships prepared. The combination of natural distrust most…
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Car Sales Voicemail: Is It Still Effective?

automotive voicemail
The Automotive Voicemail With the rise of more advanced phones, social media, and various other communication methods, is a voicemail still effective in modern automotive sales? The short answer is YES! The goal is still the same – to sell customer engagement and the call back, not an appointment or…
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