Dealership Texting Best Practices | Successful Communications with the Modern Car Buyer


The Importance of Texting in Today’s Automotive Sales Marketplace

The phone has always been an incredible tool for dealerships to get more buyers in the door. However, as technology improves, the way consumers prefer to communicate has also changed. Even though making a phone call is still vital to the success of any salesperson, texting has become a highly advantageous way to get customers further engaged! SMS provides a space to captivate attention with photos, videos, and engaging content that buyers can read on-the-go! Learning to properly utilize SMS will drastically improve the quality of your follow-up and get more buyers responding.

Of course, the legal landscape regarding texting practices is ever-changing. Sending the wrong text to the wrong person, could even cause legal issues for you and your dealership. With rules differing from state to state, you have to listen to your managers for cues on what you can and cannot do. Remember, your dealership has invested in texting tools or texting processes that must be used properly. So, before ever messaging a buyer, make sure that you are 100% compliant with your dealership’s texting policies!

This blog will discuss dealership texting best practices that help get and keep buyers engaged, as well as how to analyze your text processes.

Getting and Keeping Buyers Engaged


          Text Great Information

An overly long, overly detailed text message can easily turn buyers off. So, instead keep it short and sweet and consider adding in a sense of urgency to help move the deal forward now! It being a great time to buy a car, the perfect time to trade-in their current vehicle, or some great new inventory that won’t last long on your lot all help build urgency in your deal.

For short and sweet information, make sure to send the buyer what you think will engage them the most. Guessing wrong could potentially off-put a potential buyer. As a result, it makes it very difficult to recover and close the deal. Since the goal is always to move things along to the next stage in the car deal, you need information that will excite buyers and make them want to continue to the next stage in the deal!

Therefore, before sending out an SMS, make sure to hop in your CRM or look over your notes to make sure that you are sending highly-relevant, informative, and exciting content! Avoid being ignored by skipping any automatic or robotic sounding messages! Your goal should always be to move the conversation towards a scheduled appointment or even further along in the selling process. By sending the right info, it will engage the buyer and make it much more likely that they contact you back!

Here are some great examples of compact and engaging text messages:

“Are you still trying to sell your car? I think I have finally found the right car for you! Please call me as soon as possible, I have important news to share about the vehicle.”

“I think I found the car that you want, and I can maybe save you some money.”

For special finance buyers: “I found a way to get you approved!”

          Communicating with Text Buyers

Text buyers give you a huge head-start on the deal. They have already visited your website, found interest in a vehicle, gave you their contact and other general information. Knowing this, think of these buyers as being committed to coming into the dealership! At this point, you are already close to setting an appointment. So, respond with positive information and include extra details to help draw buyers in. This could be cars similar to what they are looking for or special deals and promotions. Get ready to give the buyer more than they ask for.

When your text buyer responds to you, always think about getting them off the phone and in the dealership. Be prepared with additional offerings to entice them to set an appointment, treat them like buyers, get excited that you’re close to an appointment. It’s likely that you’ll need to hang in with the texting, and avoid getting impatient. However, if they do go quiet, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give them a call.

          Text Photos and Videos

Sending photos and videos to buyers alongside text is a great way to breakthrough and engage buyers! If you know the buyer is interested in a vehicle on your lot or you have similar vehicles to what they’re looking for, sending a visual element can set you apart from the competition. Make sure the vehicle is sparklingly clean and go out and shoot a photo or video to send to the buyer with text. Video is an especially great way to make the deal feel real to the buyer. Send a video walkaround of you breaking down all of the great features and equipment of the specific vehicle. Send buyers photos and videos with your SMS to watch your response rate radically increase!

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Analyze Your Texting Processes


Just because something has been around a long time, that does not necessarily mean it is still a good idea. Likewise, with texting, you want to update your process periodically. You should constantly analyze your outgoing texts by taking a look at your opt-in message, initial text message, secondary text message, and third text message. If you are getting poor results, it is often because you are sending out information that is turning off the buyer. So, periodically take an assessment of your text messages to make sure what you are sending out is optimized for success.

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