Engaging the Long Term Follow Up Car Buyer

Long Term Follow Up

Knowing how to handle long term follow up buyers is crucial to your ability to bring them back in. These buyers may not come to your dealership for a week, a month, or more, but they are still car deals that are waiting to happen. By utilizing best practices, you can stay relevant and stay in front of these buyers. Becoming more effective with long-term follow-up means you can make old deals new again and bring buyers back into the dealership. With quantity, quality, and varying communication methods, bring more buyers in than ever and sell more cars! Remember, long-term follow-up can prove to be a challenge for anyone. Yet, this blog will break down those difficulties and provide the solutions needed to turn anyone into a long term follow up expert!

long term follow up

Start the Deal Fresh

When working with the long term follow up buyer, it’s crucial to start the deal fresh. Of course, you should be well-versed in previously gathered information from your CRM, but still start fresh. It’s most likely been a while since your last communication with the buyer. So, it’s only natural that they may have forgotten who you are. They likely have contacted multiple other dealerships and spoken with various sales people. Re-introduce yourself and your dealership at the start of each call.

More importantly, you never know what has changed. Perhaps the vehicle the buyer is looking at now is different than the last time you spoke. This gives you a valuable opportunity to expand you inventory, and as a result, your chances at having a vehicle to get them in on. Or, their previous objection has disappeared. Starting a call with a past objection makes it easy for the buyer to get you off the phone. Assume that the objection has faded, and if it hasn’t, the buyer will tell you. Starting the deal fresh is usually enough to move past any past objections that previously held up the deal.

Be Pleasantly Persistent

When doing long-term follow-up, your best friend is the number of calls you make! Nobody likes making call after call, but it is what you have to do to keep business growing. By staying persistent and continually making the most calls, alongside a great attitude, you will get more chances to put a deal together.

Remember! Plan A is to book the appointment, but plan B is to invest in your relationship with the buyer. So, don’t be upset if your follow up doesn’t create your desired result. You might not set the appointment today; but, by performing the follow up, you’re giving yourself the chance to cash-out later. When you stay in front of these buyers with follow up, they will be more likely to remember you the next time they need a vehicle.

Therefore, when you have nothing fresh in the CRM, start doing long-term follow-up calls. If you made 10 quality long-term follow-up calls every day, your business would start to grow. Commit to staying with buyers long term, and outlast the competition! The more calls you make, the more deals you will close.

Have a Long Term Follow Up Call Guide

Long term follow up call guides are designed to start these deals fresh, make old deals new again, and increase success at bringing these customers into the dealership! However, remember that a call guide is just a guide, not a script. Changing up some of the word tracks to better fit your style is okay. As long as you follow the steps, you will be on track to setting an appointment with long term follow up buyers! Follow along the Long Term Follow Up Call Guide as Kyle comprehensively breaks down each section:

Step 1 – Start the call by thanking/showing appreciation to the buyer and then utilizing the pause. This gives the buyer a chance to catch up with you and lets them speak, as opposed to asking them questions that allows them to give an easy answer and rush you off the phone.

Step 2 – Now, you can rework the deal. Ask questions that let you find information that you can use to set the appointment!

Step 3 – Appointment setup. The question on this call guide helps to reduce pressure and makes it easy for the buyer to set an appointment.

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Diversify Your Long Term Follow Up

You never know what will break through to a buyer. It could be sending them a text message, shooting off an email, or liking their business page on FB. Since we don’t know what will breakthrough, it’s extremely important to diversify your follow-up. Spread follow-up out over multiple channels until you get in contact with the buyer. Personalized videos are also an extremely engaging but often underutilized way to follow-up with buyers and stand out from the crowd!

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