Sell More Cars by Utilizing the Service Department

The Service Department and Automotive Sales

The Service Department can be one of the most profitable areas of any dealership – you just need to know how to properly utilize it! With ever buyer that comes into contact with the Service Department lies the untapped potential to be a car deal. By getting service customers excited to sell you their current car, it’s a win-win situation. Your dealership gets a trade-in serviced by your own team and you have the opportunity to sell these buyers a new vehicle!

However, these buyers already do business with your dealership. So, it’s important to show your appreciation for service customers, even when they don’t decide to sell you their car. Yet, by letting these buyers know the benefits of trading-in their car now, you can get extra car deals each month and bring more money into your pocket!

This blog will talk about engaging service buyers in their trade, respecting their relationship with your dealership, and picking up more deals.

Respect the Customer

Showing respect to a dealership’s service customer is of utmost importance. Chances are that this customer has purchased a vehicle at the dealership before. So, treat each service customer as nicely as you would a buyer. Keep in mind that this is a valued buyer who is likely a repeat customer. So, if you approach a service customer at the dealership about selling their car and no interest is shown, you need to back off, thank the customer, and show your appreciation. Be cognizant of the fact that your request to buy the customer’s car may come as a surprise to them. Try your best to have all service customers leave the dealership with smiles on their faces.

If you approach a buyer about their trade-in, and they show no interest, know how to respond well. For example, you can say:

“I don’t blame you for wanting to keep your vehicle. It’s a fantastic ride. That’s why we wanted it. I would understand if you want to keep it forever. Again, I just want to thank you for working with our dealership and coming in to get your vehicle serviced.”

Service Department Hangtags

A great way to engage buyers in trading-in their vehicle is with a hangtag. When a customer comes into the Service Department for any repair or maintenance work, get a quick appraisal of their car done. Write down a range of what their car is worth and stick the hangtag on the rear-view window or on the front dashboard. Then, set a reminder to call them in a couple of days to inquire if they are interested in trading-in their vehicle.

When you call them, remember that it is a no pressure situation. If they were wondering why you left a hangtag in their vehicle, just compliment their car and let them know that this is a service you provide free-of-charge to everyone. If they aren’t interested, don’t pressure the deal, but if they are, you can set an appointment for them to come back to the dealership and get an official appraisal. Then you’re on your way to a new car deal!

Calling a Service Buyer

Follow along as Kyle breaks down how to start off and handle a successful call with a Service Department customer:

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Working with a Service Buyer

When working with service department customers, it is important to remember that the more cars we buy, the more cars they buy. When a customer is interested in selling their current car, it’s a new car deal in the making! So, get excited and pumped up about the customer’s vehicle. However, keep in mind that these are already dealership customers; so, you should be eager to help them with anything and give 5-star customer service. Keep the goal of selling a car in mind as you inquire about getting their current vehicle a free appraisal.

If you have a customer on the phone, you want to convince the customer to come get their vehicle appraised. Then, you can show off a couple different options for buying or leasing a new vehicle while they wait. If the buyer is interested in potentially selling their vehicle, start the appraisal process early on and try to land them on the perfect new vehicle by going through your showroom sales process as usual. Finally, do not feel frustrated if you do not get the deal done. You will get another chance the next time the customer needs servicing again.

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