Car Sales Training – The Ultimate Objection Handling Guide

Why Do Buyers Object?

When handling objections in car sales, it’s important to understand the reasoning for objections, and show empathy and agreement for a buyer’s position. Not only have they been raised to be wary of the car buying process, but this is also a huge purchase for them – perhaps the largest they’ve ever made. As such, objection handling needs to be approached with understand and a good attitude.

Moreover, most buyers tend to have FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. In other words, they are afraid that they will not get the best deal. As a result, when a customer has this natural fear, it causes them to object to things, especially pricing and payments. Since the modern buyer is usually cautious, nervous, or had a bad experience in the past, they might just be testing you. In a lot of situations, buyers aren’t actually objecting to the price, but checking to see that they got the best deal.

How to Handle Customer Objections at a Dealership?


The foundation of objection handling is getting into agreement with buyers. Sometimes, you need to be smart enough to play stupid. When a buyer says something crazy, just roll with it. There is no need to educate them or prove them wrong. You do not get paid when you make buyers wrong. However, you do get paid when you make people feel right and feel good. When you are in agreement with the buyer, it becomes easier to sell them a car. So, become the master of agreement! Just keeping composure and agreeing with buyers will make you more successful. On the other hand, people who let objections bother them, do not perform as well at their dealership. When you understand why a buyer feels a certain way and agree with them, you will often be able to move past the objection.

For example, when a buyer objects to the price, acknowledge their concerns and let them know that they came to the right dealership. Then, simply move on with your sales process. When a car salesperson is honest, empathetic, and knows how to move in the direction of the buyer, they will be in a good position for any situation.

If you do the right stuff early and are prepared, when you hear the buyer’s objection, you will be able to overcome almost anything! Furthermore, when you have the best intentions for the buyer, a good attitude and agree with them, the deal will naturally go smoother. The more you agree, the more you close! So, agree with the buyer, tell them why, and go for the next step. When you try to disagree with a buyer, everyone loses – you lose a car deal and the buyer does not get to buy a car from you. So, do not try to swim upstream; go with the flow!

Utilizing a One Liner for Easy Objection Handling


Never underestimate the power of a great one liner! A one liner is a short and sweet response that is proven to overcome specific objections. Since you will encounter the same customer objections over and over, memorize one liners that you know work! For the best objection handling, have numerous one liners ready to go for any situation – including pricing, payments, and vehicle objections. The right one liner can often handle the objection and move the deal along by acknowledging the concern and ensuring the buyer that they came to the right place. Remember, if you ever say something that is extremely effective at handling an objection, make a note of it as well!

Here are some common customer objections and one liners that help move the deal forward:

Objection: “I’m shopping around to get the best price.”

One Liner: “Everybody looking for the best price buys their vehicle from us.”

Objection: “I’m not buying a car today.”

One Liner: “No problem! Why don’t you come and take a look at some vehicles… (that will at least give you something to think about while you’re out shopping.)”

Objection: “I have too much negative equity.”

One Liner: “If anyone is going to be able to handle negative equity, it’s going to be us.”

Objection: “I don’t think I can get financed.”

One Liner: “When people are looking for financing, they come here.”

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